Callebaut Chocolate – Pure – Milk – 1 kg

16. März 2014

Callebaut Chocolate - Pure - Milk - 1 kg

This milk chocolate couverture is smooth and creamy and is excellent for eating and for enrobing cakes with a medium thick layer of chocolate, moulding, and chocolate decorations. These callets are round drops of pure chocolate, easy to melt or temper, weigh, and store, and are a divine taste in recipes calling for chunks of chocolate. The callets are made using 100% pure cocoa butter and a dash of vanilla that accentuates the creaminess. Pure chocolate requires tempering to obtain a high gloss for chocolate making.
1 kilogram/2.2 pound bag
Size: 1 kg
Product of Belgium
Ingredients: 33.6% cocoa solids, 21.8% milk solids
Kosher dairy (not repackaged under kashrut supervision)
Callebaut Milk Chocolate, Select 823NV
NOTE: This item has been repackaged from a larger size and is not in the manufacturer’s original packaging. Due to the nature of this product, the chocolate may melt during shipping. This does not ruin the chocolate; the chocolate is perfectly fine. Occasionally there may be light-coloured streaks or film on the surface of the chocolate. This occurs naturally and is a characteristic of pure chocolate. It will disappear when the chocolate is re-melted.

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