Terry’s Chocolate Orange Segsations (330g)

27. November 2014

Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations (330g)

Terry’s chocolates bring you a variety pack filled with mini segments in a variety of 5 irresistable Terry’s chocolate orange flavours. Each tub of individually wrapped mini segments is bursting with 5 equally delicious Terry’s Chocolate Orange taste sensations to discover. The perfect way to treat family and friends, give them as a gift of empty the pack into a bowl and palce on the table at a family gathering, Make sure you save a few for for yourself otherwise you might find they all disappear before your eyes!. Milk Dark Duo – Dark Terry’s Chocolate Orange underneath a blanket of milk Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Toffee Crunch – Crunchy toffee flavour caramel pieces buried beneath a layer of smooth milk. Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Milk Classic Classic milk Terry’s Chocolate Orange, delicious as ever with the essence of real juicy oranges. Popping Candy – Volcanic popping candy bits ready to explode from smooth milk Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Milk Crispy – Lovely light and crispy puffed rice bits to discover within a layer of smooth milk Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

CDN$ 14.39

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